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Why lil' bud?

Lil' Powerhouse

Lil' Bud features a coil mesh heater. The coil shape allows rapid heat transfer to reach the herb chamber, without losing energy to the surrounding wood body. This translates into lots of rapid heat, right where you need it. 

Handcrafted Hardwood

Only 100% hardwoods are used in the construction process. No glue, adhesives, plasitcs, veneers, glass, or any other contaminant is added to Lil' Bud. 

Always Ready

Pop in the battery. Hit the button. Inhale. No complicated settings, fragile electronics, broken glass to fret about. Lil' Bud is designed to be your friend for life, without endless issues, breakdowns, repairs. 

Extended Battery Life

If you're used to battery operated portable vapes, you are all to familiar with the hassles of battery changing / charging. Lil' Bud puts all the heat in the herb chamber, saving precious battery life. You will appreciate the difference. 

Compact, Light Weight, Resilient

At 28 mm thick, 60 mm wide, and 94 mm tall, it will fit in the palm of your hand. Compact, stealth, portable, and durable, Lil' Bud is ready to go anywhere you are. 

Priced Right

With prices starting at under $180,  we feel Lil' Bud is a real bargain. 

Lil' Bud, Take One

Unregulated, On-Demand, Convection

PURE All Wood Air Path

Lil' Bud boasts an all wood air path, with nothing to break, or act as a heat sync, wasting precious battery life. 

RAPID Coil Heater

Coil heater combined with *NO REGULATION*  brings this powerful portable into the 21st century. 

PRECISION Hand Crafted

All Lil' Buds are hand crafted from the finest available hardwoods, to sheer perfection, one at a time. 

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