Lil' Bud

All Wood and Steel

Powered by a stainless steel mesh coil that is just over a half inch in diameter and about a three quarters of an inch deep. The coil is housed in a stainless steel (food grade) foil lined compartment. A stainless steel, 3 amp, momentary push switch, is the only electronic component on board, which connects the coil to a single 18650 Li ion battery. Above the coil is the tapered 19/22, all wood joint that pares with custom wood roasting tube, available with many options, including glass lined cooling tube. The battery is accessed via the rear of the unit, via a powerfully magnetic wooden cover.

Total Control

When the momentary switch is engaged, the coil is energized, providing an immediate, high volume of heat available to be pulled through your product. The breath controls the entire process of heat transfer, and vapor production, for a pure, 100 percent, convection experience. The coil spacing has been configured for optimal performance, as well as taste and smoothness.  

Sessions You Can Depend On

 Lil' Bud is an incredibly reliable, powerful, vape extraction machine that is totally under user control. Every unit is handcrafted from select hardwoods in very small batches, which makes LB a true collector's item.   


Lil' Bud Classic

Reliable, dependable,  on demand pure convection, LB features instant heat, and is manually operated for a custom user experience.  Classic comes in Cherry and Walnut and is reasonably priced.  Take back control, join the manually regulated revolution. 


Lil' Bud Blend

New to the Lil' Bud line up, the Blend features all of what makes the Classic great, in a blended hardwood package. Choose from six vibrant, original designs. Cherry, Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple blended hardwoods are exclusively used.     


Lil' Bud Elite

With a projected December release date, the LB Elite is right around the corner. Experience all the craftsmanship, purity, and power of the Classic, in a fully regulated portable. Equipped with the state of the art DNA75Color chip. 



Lil' Powerhouse

 A coil mesh heater sits in an all wood, stainless steel lined, air path for unparalleled taste, efficiency, and performance. Cherry and Walnut are dense hardwoods that won't steal precious heat from where it needs to be, in the herb chamber.  

Immediate Tasty Vapor

If you're used to battery operated portable vapes, you are all to familiar with the hassles of battery changing / charging. Lil' Bud puts all the heat in the herb chamber, saving precious battery life. You will appreciate the difference.  

Compact, Light Weight, Resilient

Pop in the battery. Hold down the button, then Inhale. No complicated settings, fragile electronics, broken glass to fret about. Lil' Bud is designed to be your friend for life, without endless issues, and annoying  breakdowns.

All New Manual Regulation Cooling Tube

Lil' Bud now has his very own mouthpiece. With manual regulation in mind, Vapwood has developed a roasting tube specifically modified for manual regulation on demand convection. Now available with every Lil' Bud.  

Priced Right

With bare bones pricing starting at $169, Lil' Bud is a big bargain. 


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