Handcrafted Hardwood

Handcrafted by a master woodworker, from precious hardwoods, one Lil'  Bud at a time. With attention to final detail, and quality, Lil' Bud is both beauty and performance. 

On Demand Convection

Lil' Bud Classic is an easy to use, on demand, unregulated, convection powerhouse. Experience all the power and control of coil heater technology. 

Lil' Bud Elite - Coming Soon

Available as a pre order with just a small down payment, LB Elite will come packed with programming power, as well as the same heater technology as LB Classic. 


Lil' Powerhouse

 A coil mesh heater sits in an all wood, stainless steel lined, air path for unparalleled taste, efficiency, and performance. Cherry and Walnut are dense hardwoods that won't steal precious heat from where it needs to be, in the herb chamber.  

Handcrafted Hardwood

Every Lil' Bud is built BY HAND, by a master woodworker, and in very small batches.  LB's are crafted from fine hardwoods, including Cherry, Walnut, as well as exotic Quilted Maple and Purple Heart.

On Demand Convection

Pop in the battery. Hold down the button, then enjoy the taste of PURE convection. No complicated settings, fragile electronics, broken glass to fret about. Lil' Bud is designed to be your friend for life, without endless issues, breakdowns, and repairs. 

Super Efficient

If you're used to battery operated portable vapes, you are all to familiar with the hassles of battery changing / charging. Lil' Bud puts all the heat in the herb chamber, saving precious battery life. You will appreciate the difference.  It's not unusual to get 6, or 7 sessions per battery. 

Compact, Light Weight, Resilient

At 28 mm thick, 60 mm wide, and 96 mm tall, it will fit in the palm of your hand. Compact, stealth, portable, and durable, Lil' Bud is ready to go anywhere you are. 

Priced Right

With prices starting at under $170, Lil' Bud is a big bargain. 

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