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The first, on demand, pure convection portable dry vaporizer with a state of the art, DNA75 color control board that's beautifully housed in a totally non toxic, all wood form has arrived. 


  • Wattage Control 
  • Temperature Control
  • Preheat Option
  • Replay Mode
  • Onboard Buttons
  • Max battery life and minimal heat generation
  • 160 x 80 pixel COLOR TFT Screen.
  • Single cell lithium ion battery
  • Escribe firmware free uploads

With pre heat and temp control, the perfect puff is seconds away - every time.   The Elite is the first dry herb vape to integrate an interactive voltage control board into an on-demand wooden portable for the best possible user experience. 



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Form & Function

Pure Convection

Super smooth, yet powerfully potent, LB's stainless steel coil mesh heater and all wood air path, delivers pure convection pleasure.

Always Ready

Incredibly quick and reliable,  LB is a manually regulated, on demand convection vape that is always ready when you are. 

User Friendly

Press the button and power the coil, providing almost immediate vapor. Breath controls the entire process of heat transfer, and vapor production.

Now available in the Classic and Elite!

about vapwood


Hi, I'm Mike Stefano, retired NYC firefighter, woodworker, and founder of Vapwood. Vapwood is all about my venture into building the best possible portable, dry herb, convection vape on the market. When you order a Lil' Bud by Vapwood, I build it, so be sure to check turn-around-times, but it's usually about 3 weeks. 

A woodworker at heart, as well as long time supporter of cannabis, Vapwood began with the search for the perfect vape. When I couldn't find one, I built it myself. 

Every Lil' Bud is a work of art in its own right. Handcrafted in small batches by me, every unit is designed to not just look good, but deliver unparalleled performance. 

Our goal at Vapwood is to make as many people happy as possible. With bare bones pricing starting at $169, Lil' Bud is a big bargain that can be enjoyed by many.

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