About Vapwood

Vapwood is committed to producing hand crafted dry herb vaporizers, at a fair price. Our vapes are built from select hardwoods, such as cherry and walnut. No synthetics, adhesives, or even glass are used in the design.  

The air path is pure wood, with relatively low heat conductivity. This helps the device stay cool, and conserve precious battery life.  This was our initial design goal, a cooler, longer life unit, with really nothing to break or malfunction. 

Our featured pure convection vape, the Lil'  Bud, comes with a coil mesh heater, and is an unregulated design, so all the power is in the palm of your hand.  Be prepared for instant heat on and off. It is for this reason, new users should read and follow all operating and safety instructions closely. 

Vapwood is small and privately owned, whose goal is quality, not quantity. All vapes are hand built by Mike, in very small batches of 8 or 10. The final build process, assembly, finish is all done by hand, with quality control ensured every step of the way. .

Handcrafted Hardwood

At Vapwood, all of our vapes are handcrafted from hardwoods purchased at local lumber mills on Long Island, New York.  No glass is used in the manufacturing process, and you will experience all ALL WOOD air path. 

Rapid Coil Heater

Lil' Bud and Timber will both incorporate a stainless steel coil heating system, both durable and efficient. Heats up in seconds with much less heat radiation to the body of the unit. 

Ready to Roll in Februry 2018

Lil' Buds are ready to roll out, and will start shipping in February. You can purchase in full today, or put down $50 and pay the balance at shipping. 

Lil' Bud