Lil' Bud Blend

Bold and Beautiful

Tired of the same old boring vapes. Are you ready for something completely different? Vapwood's got your back. 

Rare Exotic Designs

Be the proud owner of a totally unique, handcrafted work of art that you will love to use. 

LB Classic Performance

All that and classic Lil' Bud instant heat, on demand performance is part of every Uniq.  

*All Sweet Deal pricing is bare bones. 

Wood Mouthpiece: $25

Two 18650 Batteries: $20

Shipping USA: $10

Welcome to a whole new world in vaporizers

The idea to layer hardwoods in a striking pattern was a winner from the start.  Three or four contrasting layers are joined in eye catching designs. Choose from several different pattern options, add your own switch box (s/b) and back plate (b/p) selections. 

Featured Blends


  • PB and J - Walnut  / Purple Heart / Maple
  • Black & Tan - Cherry / Walnut / Cherry 
  • Chocolate Grape Cherry - Walnut / Purple Heart / Cherry
  • Purple Syrup - Purple Heart, Maple
  • Chocolate Layer - Multiple Layers of Walnut, Cherry, Maple
  • Strawberry Shorty- Multiple Layers of Purple Heart,  Walnut, Maple
  • Two-Face - Perpendicular Blending, Cherry, Walnut or Purple Heart, Maple 


Black & Tan Lil' Bud Blend

Black & Tan Lil' Bud Blend


New products are coming soon!