Look Ma, no mod (box)!

With pre heat and temp control, the perfect puff is seconds away.   The Lil' Bud Elite is the first dry herb vape to integrate an interactive voltage control board into an on-demand wooden portable without the need for an e-cig mod box.  

Take this brief questionnaire to see if the Elite checks off all your boxes. 

Is the Elite right for you? 

  1. Is instant, smooth, tasty vapor important to you?
  2. Are you interested in a totally pure, adhesive free air path?
  3. Do you want your vape to do most of the difficult work for you?
  4. Does almost no maintenance sound like something you'd like?
  5. Where does reliability rank on your check list?
  6. Are you tired of needing to purchase an additional mod-box?
  7. Do you like handcrafted hardwood products?
  8. Are you tired of fragile glass, or plastic vapes?
  9. Is portability and discretion a requirement?
  10. Do you think you might want an Elite?

The Elite, equipped with the Evolv, DNA 75c,  is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter. This DNC chip features Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Preheat, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation, and a 160 x 80 pixel Color TFT Screen. The DNA 75 Color runs from a single cell lithium ion battery. Theme Designer software can be used to make the DNA 75 Color look and act exactly like you want. Designed for ease of use while allowing complete customization, the DNA 75 Color is vaping down to a science. 

No muss, no fuss, just pure vapor, is the hallmark of the Elite.  Now available in the new Timber design.