I have been making vaporizers for about 8 years now and know a great vaporizer when I see it. The Lil' Bud Elite is a really great vaporizer. It has everything I look for in a vaporizer. I'm glad Mike did listen to my ideas and has the skills to make the Elite. Looking forward to future collaborations. 

 - Vape Builder / Designer Alan Gray


 I feel getting the 510 connection out of the picture is huge. The shorter height and just overall feel of the Elite is a nice change over the light saber looks of 510 vapes.

I'm seeing some excellent graph readouts in device manager in TC mode. The stock SS 316 does run on the cool side and you may need to increase temperature well using it. I'm trying some other material files but for now I suggest just using a higher temperature setting in TC mode.

I feel by time batch 2 ships the stock software will be even more improved on. The performance already is very good and I see it only getting better as software is tweaked.

I'm going do something I normally wouldn't and recommend this one already. Normally like to spend more time with a device first. Since I been using a iHeat with DNA chip and the little bud for awhile now. I feel comfortable recommending the Elite.

Anyone wanting a wooden handcrafted made in America vaporizer, should give this one a serious look. It performs at least as well if not better than most 510 devices I use. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite devices.

Trying not to get overly into the DNA tech aspect here but at same time want share a few pointers I picked up. Please don't let this info scare anyone off . The average user is going have an easy experience using the Elite. Basically it's setting either watts or temperature, depending on the experience you like.

If you switch profiles well in use it may ask you if it's a new coil. This is a feature in the chip to allow using different attys with different OHM resistance. You want to always use the cold ohms (old setting). If you remeasure ohm on a coil well it's still warm it will cause it to run on the warm side.

On the workmanship, it feels very solid in hand. The buttons have a nice feel and response to them.
A couple of small thing could be improved on. First the faceplate doesn't have a hole for the indicator light. Most people wouldn't notice but wanted point that out.  -Herbie


So I got the maple Elite in the mail slot late this afternoon and have been absolutely amazed
at the cool and even draw to a nice full cloud on my initial recommended 28 watt setting.
First bowl at this setting lasted 6-7 good pulls with evenly brown and fully extracted ABV

i was skeptical about the need for the added electronics as i was an early adopter of the
Lil Bud but already i can see and taste what the addition of a circuit board brought to the
game. Can't wait to explore the presets and then set the controls for warp speed. lol

Congratulations and kudos to Mike and Alan for collaborating andAproducing such a nice
vaporizer and dare i say piece of art .  - S. Zano


 Just had my first two bowls through my Elite. Thanks for all of your efforts Mike and Alan.
I can already tell that this guy packs a punch. It does indeed heat up fast.

As this is my first go with an Alan style heater I'm certain that my technique will improve. At the 30 watts it was set to out of the box, I could pull pretty hard and the heater could definitely keep up. There was some browning on the first load.

Second load I turned it down to 28 watts and drew faster while pulsing the button as the heat really crept up on me for the first hit or two. This went very well and managed to get mostly even browning. I'm not very willing to stir so I was glad to get these results.

All hits, including the first, were very large. Taste was great and I'd imagine it will only get better as it seasons.

The stem sits firmly in the wood. The Elite is about 2 inches shorter than my 510 vapes. It is much more stable standing up than the 510 vapes.

Overall fit is great. The buttons and face plate look nearly seamless. The battery door has solid action with the magnets yet slides off very easily. There is zero play in the buttons.

As it traveled in winter and was freshly tooled wood, the wood was bone dry. However after a brief interlude with some bomb ass butter it was looking dapper.

I'm anxious to play with some of the profiles and really see what this guy can do. Thanks Mike. I'm proud to own one of these powerful and flexible vapes. - Duff


I find myself liking this vape more and more every single day. There is just so much to like about it!
1. Its nice in the hand. I have small ass hands and for me it feels quite perfect when hitting the button and trying to use any of the holes as chokes.
2. Ease of use. Click button, start puffing or drawing real slow. I like puffing at first because it helps me gauge the thickness of vapor. Then when i feel the heat or see thick vapor i start to pulse while keeping a slow steady draw. Then boom clouds to my liking .
3. The vapor and vapor quality, superb. Super tasty terps coating the tongue. The bowl seems to keep its taste till its beat and i get some notes i wouldnt get through some other vapes ive used. Im always suprised at how much vapor i have taken in on the exhale.
4. Its damnn purty. I love the cherry and the maple switchbox with maple stem. I think its maple haha.
5. The high. Very clean and effective high.
6. Can microdose and can have quite nice sized loads.
7. Its whatever you want, you can get big clouds small ones that are tasty as fuck and anything in between.
8. No cleaning other than the stem occasionally.
9. AVB is uniform and brown, Fully extracted.

Def a versatile vape that can be used anywhere.  Can't wait for 2.0 



Today was finally the grand debut of the Lil’ Bud by Vapwood, I can’t say I’ve been more excited for a vaporizer purchase in the past. I will attempt to explain the vaporizer and my first experiences with it in this brief review. Let me preface this by saying I am a self proclaimed veteran of the vaporizer game having used the Arizer solo and EQ, the VRIPtech heat wand, MFLB, DaVinci IQ, E-nano, and Sticky Brick OG. I don’t want to stir the pot with comparisons here so keep this civil I just want to share my experience with a vape that until yesterday had never been in the consumers’ hands.

Let me start off by giving props to the dedicated craftsman Mike who makes these out of passion for an efficient, powerful, and pure vape. The unit is all-wood, on-demand, powered by an 18650 battery and uses a metal coil heater with an all wood air path, provided by the 19/22 wood mouthpiece (yes we all understand this is very similar to the Milaana, but lets not have any “this is a copy of the milaana,” because they have big differences and that sentiment doesn’t really get us anywhere).

So at first touch the unit feels solid, he uses cherry and walnut for the units with some units being one color all around (such as mine) and contrasting colors with the main body and the switch housing. The vape is by no means heavy but it feels very sturdy, and with the heft of the 18650 feels very comfortable in the hand. The wood grain looks attractive and the units are finished with beeswax which adds to the shine and protective coating.

The real thing that makes this vape special however is it’s performance. I have never used an on demand battery powered wood unit aside from MFLB, so I don’t have a real frame of reference per se (like milaana, firewood 4, mistvape touch, etc), but honestly this thing hits nice and i’m sure it’s right on par with all those vapes, perhaps even more potent but you would have to try it yourself to determine that. The technique for not combusting and getting tasty and big hits is INTUITIVE. You hold button and draw simultaneously, feel it’s getting a little hot and you feel some vapor so you ease up on the button, let the heat dissipate (you feel it), then go right back to holding the button. I’ve had many a session with this vape today and it gets easier and easier every time; I never once scorched the herb and I got many many nice clouds (I’m more of a tasty, light hit guy but I was going a little overboard out of excitement).

The taste is unreal. The all wood air path acts as the tunnel to terp town. I mean you will want to just suck on the warm flavor of the herb, and since it’s wood all the heat goes to the bud and doesn’t make the stem hot. Don’t get me wrong, when you rip this thing you really rip it, no holds barred. It has the power to kick your ass and yes since the heat source is so close it CAN make the vapor quite warm, however regular long pulls without trying to get big fat clouds will not give you this warm vapor sensation. All my friends who used the unit were so impressed they wanted to buy their own. It’s just such a simple process but gives the user great control, the gratification and satisfaction is instant.

Like any on demand unit since the temperature is going from 0 to 400F in like 4 seconds the herb gets that wide array of temperatures and different compounds are released simultaneously so it really gives such a well rounded feeling (yes of course this has to do with the quality of the herb but this same herb in the Lil’ Bud vs in the Arizer Solo does not feel as nice in the solo). I can’t get over what an entertaining device this is. It’s just so easy to use. It has a magnetic back to keep the battery in (with a physical battery block if you need to carry it on your person), and it uses a concave screen in the stem to hold the herb. I used it with 4 people already and no one has had issues with getting a hit after like 2 tries, and combustion was not in the question whatsoever (the hits that my friends didn’t get were hits that didn’t get hot enough for the herb to vape).

Speaking honestly, this is the coolest vaporizer I’ve ever used. Essentially unbreakable, portable, one handed operation, on demand, aesthetically pleasing, pure (no adhesives or anything besides wood and metal). And this is all without mentioning the price point. I got the whole unit while on a pre order sale so I got for 150 which is a steal and now it currently goes for 180 with a wood mouthpiece and 

150 with no mouthpiece (keeping in mind that the hole is a simple 18mm or 19/22), Frankly I feel lucky to be in the very first production line of the Lil’ Bud. I guess I feel some sort of pride in that but it feels nice to be pioneering something that you literally only have good things to say about. I seriously don’t want to argue or see all types of comparisons, the vape is objectively nice and it was hand made by one guy who to most would be considered a perfectionist. Mike was extremely transparent throughout the production process on FuckCombustion and is obviously extremely dedicated to his workl


If I left something out just reply and I’ll be sure to answer any questions. you can get Lil Bud at he’s currently making another batch, this time walnut. 



 Thanks for all of your hard work, Mike. Got my Lil Bud today and already enjoyed an after work appetizer. This vape seems much quicker to heat than the other non-regulated convection vapes I have owned/used.
I was running LB with an exhausted battery so I was able to hold the button for a long time and get a feel for the coil response. Once I swapped out to a fresher cell, the LB produced very nice quality vapor. I know volume and production will only get better with a fully charged cell. The wood stem is a good choice for me, it is a cool change from glass stems. The full Cherry unit is beautiful. Great job.



 I had optimistic expectations about the Lil' Bd from build quality, ease of use, cleaning part but I was a bit sceptical about the uneven ABV from earlyer pictures. So I wasn't sure about the performance part of it and how it would be with possible combination. But this lil fella blew me away as soon as I got it into my hands. The build quality seems 

sturdy and everything fits nice. The stem fits perfectly into the heater hole. And the stem looks in person better then what I expected from the pictures.

The loading of the stem is easily done with the pick tool (which is easy but functional) I would recommend to not fill it up to the fullest because you gonna get a problem with stiring. You can actually but pretty little loads in there as soon as you can compress it enough so it doesn't fell out of the stem. I never owned a on-demand unit but already had: aromed 4.0, Pinnacle pro, flowermate pro and currently I have these: sticky brick Jr., S&b plenty and crafty, starry 2. So this was a new field I step into but the start was easy I hadn't any problems because I saw braveest's video. Just hit the button and pull, release as soon as it gets warm or to warm for you. After like 8 bowls I never combusted because it gets to warm on the mouthpiece before you combust. My girlfriend got it combusting 1 time because she really wanted cloud's and was going for it. The comparable Vapes I will take are the sticky brick Jr. And the crafty(I know it's unfair because of the money difference and that for sure is true but it's just a vape a lot of people have and can compare to). 

The looks are better then the crafty for sure but the sticky brick Jr. Looks just as perfect as the lil bud. Both beautiful wood units but the lil bud wins as soon as you insert the stem the first time. Performance wise I like the on-demand style actually a lot now. Short heat up and nice quick session. But the stiring is a annoying thing for me but you get used to it and you still enjoy. The taste isn't as good as either of the other both. I couldn't find the spot for the best taste at the beginning. Still tasty but not the best taste. Cloud's depend on you and how far you wanna push it. I didnt had the biggest so far but that's on me letting of the button earlyer. The vapor can get hot a few times on the mouthpiece. Even a little uncomfortable. The rest of the time the vapor is pretty smooth. And this lil fella hits like a train. Usually my plenty was the hardest hitter for me but this got me really hard. I wasn't expecting the flavour/vapor compartment to be perfect or any thing just good easy use and that's what I got. It depends on your own ability to use it (which is pretty easy so far for me).

The whole cleaning process is easy and I would recommend everyone out there to get the s&b brushes they are perfect for this vaporizer. The battery compartment looks nice with the plate on and without. The little battery blocking wood thing looks cheap but as soon as you use it you love it. Perfect for me. The switch for me has a kinda wired press point but that's because I am picky as **** here. Just wanted everything in my head about this unit to be in there.

I am a bit confused because I already got like 5-6 bowls with 1 LG hg2 batterie and it still going on. Just need to press the button before I pull and go with a slow pull. And by the way this thing is having a strong smell. Even more then the sticky bricky. For me no problem but there might some out there. So overall I am freaking happy to got one of these it's fun to use. Its beautiful and just awesome quality. I would really recommend this one and I am gonna go on the timber wait list. 



Finding my LB very efficient in both power and consumption. I don't fine grind my herb , I don't dry it much either, I jump between strains, I really do things my way. t probably affects a few things but It accomplishes it's goal everytime. consistently from one strain to another. It doesn't give me time to tune the vape to a constant strain and dryness but I like getting a full on view of what to expect.

When I get a new vape I really dig in there and find ways (technique) I will be confident with going forward. To touch the "taste" subject again, the taste & after taste is great . I'm tasting my buds post-session like never before . I will have to sit down with My glass cover heater HI log(with glass stem) because they are both very similar in taste. Some FC members suggest the glass core heater Logs to be for connaisseurs or flavor chasers. I don't consider myself either but I can see how it is or why they say that . Taste and performance is incredible. The LB feels the same . The after taste is perhaps greater on LB then my Log. Both are very smooth .

No VAS here, I have what I need . Quality desktop, quality portable. I don't doubt there are other great performing vapes out there. I doubt they would give me the same bang for buck has these two do.

I don't achieve a dark abv with LB lately (possibly due to coarser, less dry herb then Recommended and microdosing) but it is evenly roasted, no dark spots. And man does it ever hit me! It makes me wonder how it still looks almost fresh sometimes after 4-6 hits yet I'm so vaked. My Hi log gives me the same sensation . Such a light colored yet spent abv. I could save it , crush it and vape it again during hard times but I just eat it as I go nowadays, it's extracted no doubt , pure and clean .

Since my abv doesn't get dark, smell isn't really noticible with LB. I've had vapes more smelly then this. Again compares to my glass HI log The advantage over my log is the on-demand feature and portability of LB, I can consecutively hit the same stem more times with LB then my log. That said the glass stem from my log gets hot and needs cool down after a few hits..

I look forward to my LB vs HI match up as I can't tell off hand which as better flavor or more potent , etc. its that close.



 Hey y'all just wanted to update some of you on my thoughts about the Lil' Bud. I haven't posted in a while but I've had a lil' bud since batch one and I've been using it at least 3 times weekly since then. It really is such an interesting unit. Every time I vape I feel like I become slightly more in one with it. Now when I say that, I mean it really is an individualized unit. I have various techniques but it's impossible to exactly describe to someone else (who isn't a vape user to begin with) how to feel the vapor forming.

That's the real beauty of this unit (and I suppose on-demand vaping in general); that you really learn how the heat is forming the vapor, and exactly how to build up and control that heat, with your breath. After using many vapes this process becomes easier to adapt to, but with a vape that can scorch the herb with just a second too long of a button press it ups the stakes.

I have personally only ever hit the LB so far as to scorch part of it, however when I use it in a group of people, 50% of the time there will be someone to put down a nice layer of char over the whole top of the pack, and if they're not a vape user I really can't blame them (although it does irk me to some extent). That's not to say that I don't have at least 3 or 4 friends that can hit the LB no problem and enjoy its capacity for pure vapor delivery.

However, as a personal unit (that is, when I'm not entertaining guests), it remains the most versatile and satisfying unit I've ever used. I'm a self proclaimed flavor chaser, and this vape gives me exactly what I want. Sometimes I hit the unit in front of my friends and they get weirded out when I don't blow out a big "cloud", but instead a nice stream of blue-toned oil vapor that leaves the most desirable taste in my mouth. That is the beauty of lil' bud. One-handed operation and user tweakability to a large degree. 

Sometimes I want a big cloud, I'll hold the button for 4 seconds and jump right into a medium speed pull, what a feeling of that hot vapor developing fast... Or maybe I want flavor and I want to end upwith a cloud, no problem, I'll preheat by pressing for a second and start adding that negative pressure Mike talks about (essentially keeping your mouth on the mouthpiece and NOT blowing), and when I feel the heat really coming, let go for a second, then add a little more heat, then feather out, then add more heat; you end up with a cloud that you barely felt enter your lungs. AGAIN, don't get me wrong you can seriously cough with this device, I've seen people practically beg for water after taking a rip of the LB. And don't even get me started on using the LB with a water pipe. Big, big, milky rips. You can really evenly brown a pack with one rip in a water pipe, often taking many by surprise (that said, novice vape bongers will char packs with the water pipe method by the sheer fact that you literally cannot feel the vapor coming into your lungs until you exhale LOL). (It seems as though most problems come from early learners.)

I'm super OCD and the only thing that bothers me about the vape is that there is a tiny bit of space where small particles can get through. This gap exists between the inner walls of the vape where the heater screen meets the wall where you would put the stem. I only say this because for future purposes I would like to say I have a vape devoid of illegal particulate matter (if I was going to bring it somewhere where this type of issue would matter).

Otherwise, this vape continues to be the only vaporizer I really want or need. It's utility is invaluable. I've taken it hiking, out to walk the dog, and used it in large groups or while playing video games. The fact that it's not always ON is what makes it special. "OH I JUST DIED, LET ME TAKE A RIP WHILE I RESPAWN"