Timber FAQ

Timber is the latest and greatest addition to the Vapwood line up. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions people have. 

1. What is different about Timber vs other Vapwood products?

First and foremost is the relocation of the coil heater. The LB Elite and Classic are a side by side build, that is the coil is next to the battery (and board). Timber puts the coil in an isolated hardwood oven. 

2. Why is isolating the coil beneficial?

By placing the coil heater in an all wood, high mass wood housing, no heat leaks to the board or battery. In addition, the wooden housing acts as a heat sync, keeping the heat where it needs to be. Timber stays cool. 

3. Is Timber fully regulated?

Is it! Timber includes the same DNA 75C frNom Evolv, delivering superior control of your entire vaping experience. You will access to multiple profiles that include Temp Control, Wattage, Pre-Heat, and Replay.  

4. Can I use Timber right out of the box?

Yes you can. Timbers come preprogrammed for use with dry herb vaping. Just pick one of the top two profiles (TC or Booster) and get started. 

5. You mean I don't  need to purchase an additional mod box?

No, everything you need to vape is included

6. What about batteries and battery life?

Timber uses a single 18650 battery that you can swap out or charge via USB right in the unit. Typically, you can get up to 6 to 8 sessions on a single charge.

7. What do you mean by pure air path?

Timber, like all Vapwood products, puts emphasis on keeping the air path free of contaminants such as glue or plastic. There is nothing but hardwood and stainless steel from oven to bowl. 

8.What hardwoods is Timber available in?

Currently, Timber comes in a variety of Cherry and Walnut options, including a blended Black n' Tan.  

9. Why is  Timber priced lower than the LB Elite?

The Timber design is more straight forward and easier to achieve the high level of consistency necessary to manufacture. What makes is less expensive is also enhances performance.  

10. What about Timber dimensions?

Timber is 5.6 inches tall, under 2 inches wide, and just over one inch thick. Fire button placement is almost dead center. It's truly a pleasure to hold in any sized hand, and use with various *trigger* fingers. 

11. Is Timber still on demand convection?

At its finest. You are literally seconds away from pure convected vapor. The  high mass coil, combined with the DNA board, offer an unparalleled convection experience. 

12. What is the turn around time from purchase to shipping?

Generally, depending on current demand, wait time is 3 or 4 weeks. Remember, all units are hand crafted at time of purchase. 

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