What's New?

Battery Block

A convenient manual battery block will keep Lil' Bud safe when not in use. Every unit will ship with multiple safety tabs. It is recommended you insert the safety tab between uses, or just completely remove the battery. 

Battery Gauge

Keeping tabs on battery life, without adding cumbersome and fragile components to Lil' Bud, has always been a priority. We know offer a Battery Gauge accessory that will measure Lil' Bud battery life while installed. 

Available in Exotic Hardwoods

Your hardwood choices have now expanded to Figured Walnut, Quilted Maple, and Purple Heart, in addition to our standby Walnut and  Cherry. 

New Larger 3 Amp Switch

The larger on demand switch has taken LB to another level, allowing all the potential of the coil mesh heating system to function at its highest capacity. 

Hand Finished

Every Lil' Bud is painstakingly hand planed, filed, sanded to a fine satin luster, with a coat of all natural beeswax heat applied, and buffed smooth. 

SS Foil Lined Coil Chamber

The latest innovation to come out of Vapwood's shop is a simple stainless steel foil lining that reflects heat back into the coil and into the flower itself. It'll save you on battery life, while putting more heat in the chamber.